High Time for an Update

It’s been too long since I’ve written an update about my near future: this summer I will be returning to camp life!

I am looking forward to this summer with anticipation and excitement, eager to see what God is going to do to further His kingdom.  I am thrilled to again be a part of camp ministry and can’t wait to be used as a vessel for the Lord.

After much thought and prayerful consideration, I am returning to SpringHill Camps for the summer of 2016. I am so excited to be a part of SpringHill Camps again, a ministry I can get behind whole-heartily and whose mission I firmly stand behind.

For the past four summers, I have spent at least a portion of my summer with SpringHill day camps.  (Need to be caught up to speed?  Read How I Fell in Love with Camp, here.)  This summer, however, will be slightly different.

This summer, I will be serving at the Indiana Overnight location as the RedBrush Assistant Director.  RedBrush is SpringHill’s pre-teen program for campers who have completed grades 4th-6th.

Like I mentioned, I have only worked for SpringHill’s day camps program and have never spent more than four weeks at the Indiana overnight property (which happened during training last year).  This summer, however, I will be moving down to Seymour, IN on May 15th (in just 10 short days – eeep!) for the duration of the summer, three months.

Growth occurs especially when we step outside of our comfort zones.  Moving to southern Indiana and living at camp for 12 weeks certainly is outside of my comfort zone.  However, I know that the Lord is going to bless me for choosing to follow Him on the straight and narrow path. I cannot wait to see how I am used as a vessel – a broken vessel of the Lord’s to further His kingdom.

As the summer nears, a plethora of prayer requests surface to the forefront of my mind. Would you join me in prayer?

Prayer Requests:

>For the campers that we as SpringHill staff will be coming in contact with this summer, that the Holy Spirit may begin working in their hearts even today in preparation for what they are going to learn and experience during their time at camp.
>For the summer staff members that will be arriving at camp in the next several months, that their hearts will be in a place to glorify and serve the Lord with their whole being this summer.
>For joy and peace as I go into this summer, that I will make this summer about Christ first, others second, and myself last.


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