Week 8 In Review

The team that I have been on for the summer, Indy 2, pioneered Kentucky this past week by being the first day camp ever to travel south to the state of Kentucky.

Because there is minimal prep work for the future, as we do not have another week of camp on our summer, I have been able to spend a lot of time getting to know the campers and spending time with the counselors.  It has been so much fun hanging out with the kiddos and supporting the counselors the best I can.  It has been really fun knowing some of the kids on a deeper basis than normal; knowing their names and running activities for them.

I truly have missed being a counselor and spending every moment of the day with the campers.  I also have forgotten how demanding of a job it truly is and all that is required to be an outstanding counselor.  After just two activity blocks of water time, I was exhausted!  🙂  A good kind of exhausting, though.  Tired from the campers constantly asking for your attention and tired from the sunshine and consistent demand for energy.

Overall, this has been an awesome week!  I have loved being out of the office and into the sunshine.  I have loved getting to know our team’s counselors on a deeper basis.  I have loved working with the kiddos and getting to know them by name.  I have loved hearing the campers’ answers in small group and seeing first hand when they get it and when God moves in their lives.


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