Learning A “What’s-Mine-Is-Your’s” Mentality

Host families are a unique part of the SpringHill experience, and one of my favorite parts.  Last night I had no idea I was going to learn something through my experiences with my host family.  Being hospitable and genuine joy in doing so is beautiful and goes a very long way.

Throughout the course of the summer, I have lived with many different families and have met even more people with whom I have shared bits and pieces of my life with.

A few things that I nearly always share are: the school that I attend (IUPUI), what I am studying (Journalism and Event Management), and where I am from (the northeast side of Indianapolis in Lawrence).

Last night was Wednesday, meaning we spent the evening with our host family and ate dinner with them at our host home.

This was the second dinner we had had with them this week, so we had already gone over the “introductory questions” of school, major/minor, and where we’re from.

On Wednesday, however, we went through it all again, part way through the meal.

A neighbor and friend of the family’s came knocking on the door about halfway through the meal on Wednesday, as he was needing to return a tennis racket.

What happened next surprised me, and was beautiful.  He was invited in for a minute to chat, which turned into him grabbing some of our dinner food to go, which turned into him sitting down at the table with us to share the meal with us.

Of course, we had to go through the three introductory questions yet again, but it was all worth it at the expense of witnessing a true doors-open, my-house-is-your-house attitude.

I was taught so much through this experience that I was able to be a part of last night:

  • Make more than enough food
  • Be open, ready, and willing to share
  • Be a gracious host, and an even more gracious on-the-spot host
  • Teach your family early on to include others and to do it joyfully
  • Insist on hospitality
  • Incorporate joy, love, and hospitality in everything you do, even if it just answering the door or eating a meal.

One thought on “Learning A “What’s-Mine-Is-Your’s” Mentality

  1. Christi says:

    Oh Jess! Such a nice capturing of the moment…I love how you extracted something out of the interactions. What a heart you have to be able to see life through eyes like this. It is a blessing to know you!


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