Answered Prayers and Reminders

As site director for one of our locations during mulit-site weeks, I have prayed a prayer over and over again.

The burden has been big on my heart to pray for safety for the campers.  One of the worst things is to lose trust through a physical accident, thus inhibiting our ability to reach through to campers’ spiritual health.

Another burden laid on my heart to pray for has been the health and safety of the staff.

There is a sense of a lack of relief that occurs while being site director; at any given moment, something horrible could happen.  Though the mentality would be skewed to live each moment of each day waiting for the horrible to happen, there is a sense of responsibility with going from moment to moment, activity to activity, with a readiness and alertness.

Praise be to God, in the three weeks that I was site director, we had no physical safety concerns for the campers and minimal health concerns for the staff!

By no means were the weeks perfect, and of course there were lows in addition to highs, but campers and staff were safe and healthy, and the Gospel message was able to be communicated that much more affectively and clearly.

It is easy to pray for something and, upon a prayer being answered, to move forward without recognizing the grace and amazing power of God.

This week I can praise God because I was reminded of Him listening to my concerns and answering my prayers.  My communication with God was able to go a step further than usual because not only did I cast my cares upon Him, but I was able to recognize His answer to those prayers.

How often to I not follow up on my conversations with the Lord?

Thank you, Father, for wanting to hear my cries and for being a gracious God that listens to my prayers, provides love and protection, and reminds my human mind of your power and might.


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