A Day In Review: June 19th

15 hours after arriving at the church this morning, I am now headed away from Carmel and Northview Church and headed up to Kokomo, Indiana. Today has been especially challenging, despite having a good week overall.

Tuesday evening it was my turn to lead Higher Ground, our weekly staff Bible study. The focus of the evening was the cost of participation in God’s Kingdom. It was great to teach on Luke 9:23. We are to daily pick up our cross and follow Him. Even when we don’t think we can do it, because our strength shouldn’t come from ourselves anyway, but should come from Him and Him alone.

This morning we implemented our Plan C for rainy days and that went well. We came up with a Challenge Hunt – similar to a scavenger hunt, we had challenges at each station before they were able to receive their next clue. It went well overall, and the campers had fun. Success!

Today I am reminded that I am to live a life focused on pleasing no one but the one true King. HE is to rule and reign in my heart and no one else should sit on the throne of my heart. It is easy for me to desire to please others, but my focus should lie on Christ and Him alone.

Priorities comes in here. Am I trying to win the approval of man, or of God?

As I now reflect on the week, it is interesting to see that there is a common theme: Christ desiring to be the center of my life. With striving to follow Him daily as well as prioritizing Him in the forefront of my life, He needs to be the center. The center of everything: my thoughts, my service, my day, my life.


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