A Fear and a Hope

Last night we had a campfire as an Indy 2 team. Andrea facilitated and, after worship and camp songs, we had a brief message. We then went around the circle, each sharing one hope and one fear for our summers.

I think this was a great exercise to do to allow us time to think of our hopes and fears for the coming couple months.

The fear I shared in regards to this summer was the following:

I am fearful that my focus will be on serving God and not on God Himself. Too often do I put a checklist, a task, or a responsibility of my job above God. I can easily see my role this summer become an idol. With my fear for this summer comes a desire: I desire to live with God and not live for Him. Walking with God should not be a checklist, nor should that be how I live my life. I need to live with Him daily, not live for Him and His kingdom.

The hope I shared in regards to this summer was the following:

I am hopeful that I will grow in confidence this summer. Whether that is confidence in myself, confidence in others, confidence in my role, and, ultimately, confidence in Christ, I hope to build confidence throughout the course of the summer. I want to be brave in Him, because of Him.

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