Week 2 of 4 (Training) Recap

It seems like just a few short hours ago that I was writing my Week 1 recap. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Monday we had work time as well as sessions including infirmary training, an activity review of the flying squirrel and combo unit, and day camp risk management.

Tuesday, leadership arrived! The staff that was already on camp cleaned and prepped for leadership arriving, and got assignments for their arrival. I couldn’t have picked a better position for me to be in for leadership arrival – I got to be at the Welcome Center! I worked this position with Eric L., and, once again, couldn’t have picked a better person to work it with. The leadership opener consisted of a series of stations that Res staff was posted at around camp and leadership visited each station with a team that they were placed on. I was with Patrick from overnight, and had a blast with him. We didn’t know each other at all, so it was good to get to know him, and to dive deeper than the typical “name, school, major, role this summer” questions. It was also great to listen to him. He is very mature and wise and the things he said interested as we were killing time between teams stopping by our station. Also, our station was in the staff lounge, and we were talking about taking breaks, community, and Higher Ground, the weekly staff Bible Study.

Wednesday we had lots of sessions, one after the other, ending the day with First Aid and CPR training. It was a long session – 2.5 hours – but well worth talking about, and now I am CPR certified! We ended the day with a campfire where fun was had, but also fellowship, as some tough/thought-provoking questions were asked. It served as a great reminder as to why I love camp and its community.

Thursday’s highlight consisted of a session that Eric B. was leading entitled “A Typical Day As An Area Director.” Shortly before his session was to begin, I asked him if there was anything he needed. He asked if I’d be interested in co-leading the session with him, so I said sure. It was really fun to lead alongside Eric and also made me realize internally how much I enjoy facilitating/leading. We then went to Carey’s house for The Flying Pig Barbeque and a time of fellowship, games, and fun.

Friday I got to put to practice being a servant leader, as I helped cleaning the dining hall and its bathrooms. I then went to high adventure to teach the flying squirrel to the ADs. It came full circle, because last year I was the AD that taught the flying squirrel to the counselors, and this year I was the Res Staff member teaching it to the ADs.

Saturday I worked Family Camp, which was a lot of fun. In all honesty, I woke up with a bad attitude, wanting to sleep in and not work it. The positive was that I was scheduled to work hi-ad, something I both enjoy and want to get better at, especially the set-up/tear-down aspect of it. It was great to work with overnight folks for something different. I also saw a family that I met last year at Family Camp and who I stayed with in a host home last summer, which was fun for me to see them again, to hear they were doing well, and facilitate activities for the little girl. Saturday evening I got to head home!

Sunday I was able to go to Resonate Church and hear a message on when God is silent. It was a good reminder that God may be silent, but He is never absent. It reminded me of the song we sang in choir:

I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining

I believe in God, even when God is silent

Being at home, relaxing with family, taking a long Sunday afternoon nap, all were good for me.


One of my highlights from this past week was spending time in conversation with Patrick. It was one small aspect of my entire week, and yet it was such an encouraging time of conversation. It is exciting to be in a place where I am surrounded by such strong Christians and such solid people.


My largest low from this past week would have to be Saturday morning when I had a hard time getting excited to work Family Camp. God is sovereign, and knows me so well. He blessed me with a great day despite my sour attitude at the beginning of it.


God has been moving in the lives of the ADs for our Indy 2 team.  I have seen growth and change in them and have been encouraged by their readiness for the summer.

God has been moving in the lives of the ADs for our Indy 2 team. I have seen growth and change in them and have been encouraged by their readiness for the summer.


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