Yesterday I worked Memorial Day Family Camp. It is so cool to see God working in His sovereign ways. I woke up with a sour attitude and not really wanting to work family camp that day, but God knew exactly what I needed.

I was assigned to high adventure all day, which I loved! …not only because I enjoy high adventure (especially belaying), but because I am trying to further educate myself on high adventure procedures since part of my role this summer is overseeing activities. I had several sessions at the climbing wall, and one shift at the flying squirrel.

I also got to work with folks from overnight, which was fun because I didn’t know them too well because I usually spend time with day camp folks.

Part way through the day, a blessing came in the form of two individuals. I was at the climbing wall and saw a little girl and a mom walking towards the wall. I immediately recognized them as a family I met exactly one year ago at the same camp weekend – a joyful and talkative bunch. They didn’t recognize me at first, but eventually identified who I was.

Last year when I met them, I learned that the little girl was going to be at day camps in Kokomo. When my day camps team was preparing to head to Kokomo, our women’s director realized that we were short on host homes. I suggested getting in contact with this family to see if they would be willing to host.

I ended up staying in their host home that first week of camp in Kokomo with a handful of others girls on my team. They were very sweet and made us feel at home.

It was fun to see them both again, especially because a lot of the campers and families that we come into contact with, we may never see again in the future. It was fun to see them having fun and enjoying themselves just like they had one year ago.

God is sovereign and allowed my path to cross with this family’s to brighten my day and put a smile on my face.


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