Week 1 of 4 (Training) Recap

A lot has happened in just six short days. It is crazy how different my life is now when comparing it to just a week ago.

Monday we arrived, got settled in, and did team building activities.week 1 of 4 (training) recap

Tuesday included computer work with Ryan, the IT guy, and sessions including vision casting and a job-specific overview as well as child protection and risk management/EAP (emergency action plan). The day ended with a campfire and learning about the SpringHill Way, including our mission statement and the foundational principles of our ministry.

SpringHill Camps’ mission is to glorify God by creating life-impacting experiences that enable young people to know Jesus Christ and to grow in their relationships with Him.

The SpringHill Way – the foundational principles of our ministry – include:

  • God Immersed: Recognizing that it is God through Christ who works to change the lives of young people, not our programming and planning
  • Community: Everything at SpringHill happens within small communities that facilitate and enhance relationship
  • People: Inspired, trained and professional staff and volunteers who fulfill our mission and vision in alignment with our core values
  • Embracing: Being a welcoming place for all kinds of young people regardless of where they are spiritually, physically, emotionally, or socio-economically
  • Innovative: Specifically designing our programs, facilities, and activities to be creative, relevant, fun and challenging experiences that kids typically do not have available at home
  • Integrated: Making no distinction between faith and fun to help kids discover spiritual truth inside everyday experiences

11111058_903570123035691_4236534753843931359_nThe SpringHill experience is how we do what we do, which includes:

  • Teachable moments
  • Intentional relationships
  • Purposeful environments
  • Leadership development
  • Creative lessons and activities
  • Large and small community
  • Joy and celebration

Wednesday we had job-specific training which enabled us to get a better feel for what our particular roles this summer will be. At the end of the day, we taped some video footage as Res staff for when all staff arrive. (We shot a video off the song Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift, but changed it to Welcome to Seymour!)

Thursday we had sessions on workers comp, incident reporting, and receipts/PNC. I am too young to drive camp vehicles, so while others were being trained in towing, I was able to help Emily do some distributing of goods. It definitely was a rewarding experience using my organizational skills to help Emily facilitate the distribution of goods for each team.11069866_10153611347558488_6467289578799456384_n11064603_903053139754056_1267963206083805007_o

The highlight of Thursday was all of Res staff going into Columbus for dinner. It was great to spend some time with overnight Res staff in addition to day camps, plus the food was super yummy! We went to a nice Japanese restaurant, Taku, then out to YoYoMama for frozen yogurt.

Friday we refreshed on giant swing and belaying as well as had a session owning camp, then had some work time to catch up on some stuff.

Saturday we had the day off so Lauren, Whitney, and I went to the Edinburg outlet mall and then to Indy where we did laundry at my house. It was super fun to see the majority of my family and eat dinner at home. We then picked up Jeremy downtown, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed back down to Seymour.

Sunday we worked a father/son retreat, which was really fun to have campers to interact with and to run activities. I belayed at the rock wall, then helped facilitate The Running of the White Stag, an event when the little boys shoot paintballs at their fathers who are running from point A to point B and back. It was fun to run an activity efficiently and smoothly for the fathers and sons to enjoy. After moving back to Erebor and cleaning, we had dinner and then went to the lodge to play some sand volleyball and spike ball, since we had the evening off.


All throughout the week we’ve been able to have solo time as well as small groups, which have been great. I love spending time in communion with the Lord and getting to learn how to walk with Him instead of living for Him. It also has been great spending time in the word.

We also have had several small groups which have been great opportunities getting to know the other three on my team as well as the Lord. It has been fun hearing what others are doing in their solo times and how the Lord is moving in their lives.

This week I was encouraged by Andrea and her sharing how the Holy Spirit is moving in her life. She was ecstatic to be at camp and could truly feel the Lord’s presence being at camp. Not only is it the love of Christ that we share, but our love of camp as well.11011606_903570006369036_963055847321004870_n


The beginning of the week was my largest low. The transition back to camp life has been difficult for me, at least more difficult than I thought it would be. The Lord has reminded me that He is sovereign and that it is Him alone that I can find my joy and peace.


This week I’ve been seeing God move a lot. He has been faithful to me, especially with my wavering self. I am so inconsistent and questioning, and yet He remains sovereign. When I lack confidence in myself, He is the one that makes me brave. When the waves are crashing over me, I am reminded of both His power and might, as well as His care and love.


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