The Simple Life

A shower and the sky.

These are two things that made my evening that much better. Being able to have some time to shower and then to walk back to my cabin seeing a beautiful sky of clouds and sunshine.

Camp life is wonderful. Your schedule is laid out for you for the entire week, hour by hour. Food is prepared for you and is ready at a certain time. You live with your teammates and spend all-hours together.

Being at camp is so relaxing. It is hard, yet peaceful.

Finding joy in the little things, things that aren’t really little but things that we as Americans usually just take for granted. Like a nice, warm shower and a beautiful sky to end the day with.

Camp is the simple life. Not the easy life, but a simplified lifestyle. Live with what you’ve got, complain less, rejoice more, and be content with less.

Being on campus at SpringHill forces you to slow down, enjoy mornings, work hard, and depend on each other and on the Lord. What could be better?


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