A Day in Review: Friday, May 15

As I sit here writing this, rain is pouring down on the roof of our cabin. Inside, however, we are warm, safe, and dry.

This morning during small groups, Andrea (Asst. Director 3) expressed how she has truly been feeling the Holy Spirit at work in her life. It was exciting to see someone fall even more in love with the Spirit while in a camp setting. I love the Lord, and I love camp, and it is exciting to find someone who loves both as well.

This morning we did high-adventure training, which was fun. I no longer get as nervous belaying someone, and have actually started to enjoy it. We also took turns facilitating the giant swing, and I even got to go on it! –something I haven’t done at the overnight location.

After lunch we did a session on owning camp, which I found to be very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about things to look for to make camp run safely and smoothly. We discussed the difference between owning and renting, and how some staff members will merely “rent” camp during the summer, creating quick fixes for things, and not truly investing. Those that own camp, however, take pride in what they do and have an increased level of responsibility.

A good question that the leader of the session (Eric) asked, was: “What can we do as Res staff to invest and make SpringHill better?”

Many things come to mind, and we brainstormed as a group to come up with ways that we not only take ownership of camp, but ways that we can help other staff members catch the vision as well.

Some principles that we came up with are as follows:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Don’t show panic
  • Don’t complain
  • Be positive
  • Leave things better than when we found them

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