The First Few Days at “Home”

After months of anticipation, I finally made it to camp! Coming down to Seymour and back “home” was such an exciting time.

Arriving to camp was different than I have ever experienced before. It is so different being on campus with only Resident staff here. It’s quiet and empty. I got to meet Andrea, our assistant director 3, and see Kate again, our assistant director 2. Upon arriving, I learned that some titles were going to be different – assistant director 1, 2, and 3, and not men’s director, women’s director, and administrator.

Monday we had lots of team-building activities. After eating lunch and going through a session, we had a camp tour with Carey and then began our first team-building activity, a cardboard boat Regatta.

We divided up into our teams (so I was with Eric, Kate, and Andrea) and began constructing a boat that two people needed to fit into made solely out of cardboard, poster board, and duct tape.

We then went out to the party barge in the lake and tested our boats against the other teams. My team went first, and Kate and I were the paddlers in ours. We made it around the buoy and back with barely getting wet! It was a race of speed, however, and we weren’t too fast, but we were slow and steady and did better than some of the other teams who hardly made it off the party barge.

After the cardboard boat regatta and as the sun was starting to go down, we played a game called Lost. We divided up into teams of four. One team member would have a walkie-talkie and be blindfolded and driven by two others to a place on property unknown to them, and be dropped off, alongside a spotter (un-blindfolded, for safety). The remaining two teammates were in a golf cart with the other walkie-talkie trying to find their blindfolded teammate who was “lost” on camp’s property. The goal was for the golf cart crew to make it back to the starting point with the blindfolded team member.

I was the first blindfolded team member and had a lot of fun! We didn’t win, but got super close! As soon as the game was called off and I took my blindfold off, the golf cart teammates found me; it was a lot of fun, and the second round that we played, my teammates and I got 2nd place.

Yesterday and today we have had lots of sessions, some about safety, some job-specific, one about what a typical week looks like. These sessions have been super helpful with lots of information being loaded onto us.

The job-specific sessions have helped me envision my role on Indy day camps 2 a little bit better. I know more of what is expected of me, what I should expect of others, etc. There has also been a lot of administrative tasks being done (ie: setting up a dropbox, creating a new email, logging on to internet, etc).

It has been a load of information, yet each session is so valuable. Each session being sat in on is to bring glory to God and to bring the best experiences to campers and their families so they can see how Christ is the center of it all.

Some sessions are logistically-based teaching while other are more spiritually-based teaching. We have such a unique roll as being assistant directors because not only are we leading the team through the business aspect of running camp, but through the spiritual development of our staff as well. As Res staff we have an awesome opportunity to lead our team, and to be examples of what a good leader looks like.


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