‘The Rest of My Life’ and Having Things ‘Figured Out’

Camp means life change.

…and that life change doesn’t just happen in the lives of the campers. No, sometimes life change happens in the lives of staff members, too.

From a very young age, we all are asked what we want to be when we grow up. I remember as young as kindergarten having a day in school where we were to dress up like what we wanted to be when we grew up.

No doubt the room was full of ballerinas, firefighters, nurses, and so on. I remember dressing up like a teacher with clipboard in hand.

The demand to know what one is going to do with the rest of his or her life continues well past elementary school. Jump to junior and senior years of high school and 10 years later you are being asked the same question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Not knowing what I wanted to do with “the rest of my life” was difficult and frustrating, especially as more and more of my peers “figured it out.”

In 5th grade, I had Mr. Gibson as one of my teachers; he taught my language classes and each had to keep a Writer’s Notebook. I wrote a lot, filling notebook after notebook with words upon words. My Writer’s Notebooks were put aside after his class ended, however.

It wasn’t until junior year of high school when I began writing a lot again and enjoying it. I took A.P. Language and Composition with Mrs. Kim Davis and feel as though I truly found “it.” I loved learning in this class and genuinely enjoyed what I was studying. I owe it to Mrs. Davis for being a wonderful, passionate teacher. I finally “figured it out” and decided to major in Journalism in college. It was something I enjoyed and, I realized, made me unique.

But what does all this have to do with camp?

After years of wanting to be a teacher when I grew up, then years of fretting and not knowing what I genuinely wanted to do with my life, followed by several years of knowing that I wanted to pursue Journalism, I know God has revealed to me His plan for my life.

I want to serve the Lord through camp ministry.

During Thanksgiving Break of 2014 He opened my eyes to see that camp is something that I am passionate about, good at, and can do best to further His kingdom.

I am still pursuing a degree in Journalism, but have picked up a minor in Event Management as well and am excited to seek a job within the camp realm upon graduation.

It is amazing how my camp story and preparation for what I wanted to do with “the rest of my life” began while I was in high school and unaware of my future. (You can read How I Fell In Love With Camp HERE.)

I never knew that volunteering for a week of SpringHill day camps would turn into a summer job for me for the subsequent summers as well as a passion of mine big enough to turn into a career.

Some days it is difficult being at IUPUI, majoring in Journalism, and being content with where I am. I’ve been learning, however, that God has me here for a reason and that the things I am experiencing now are important and are shaping me into the person God wants me to be in the future.

Camp changed me as an individual and it changed my career path as well. God works in mighty ways, and God’s plans are always the best plans.

I’m learning to surrender and give my future wholly to Him, because that’s whom it belongs to anyway. My life is His life, which can be hard for a planner like myself to grasp, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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