Camper Story: Anna

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most to others. You never know what you might have in common with a camper that impacts them and their family for the better.

For one camper, it was a food allergy. Now, I have a nut allergy that is mild. For little Anna, however, her nut allergy was severe. We were able to bond over this small thing; it made her feel special to share a barrier in her life with one of her counselors.

I still remember when the mom dropped her off Monday morning and told me about her nut allergy. I was able to empathize while the mom became excited that I knew how to take care of her little girl.

Several months later, I was down in Seymour at the overnight location to volunteer for family camp one fall weekend. Anna and her family were there! It was so fun to see a camper that I had on my team. We as counselors pour so much of ourselves into our campers for five short days and seeing them after camp has ended is always a joy.

I was able to say hello to Anna and her mom, who remembered me and the comfort that I had been able to give because we shared the same allergy.

A nut allergy is a small thing that I have lived with my entire life, but I have never had it impact a relationship like it did with Anna her mom. I am thankful that God allowed us to bond in this way and am thankful that I got to see Anna again after the week I had her at camp.

God works in mighty ways; He has a perfect plan. It is a good thing we aren’t able to see the entire plan at once, or else we might freak out. His ways are perfectly planned for us and for our lives.

Sometimes He weaves barriers into our lives so we can help others down the road. Sometimes He gives us unexpected encounters to encourage us and bring us joy. Always He is a sovereign and all-knowing God.


For privacy reasons, the names of the campers have been changed.

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