Camper Story: Lori

In regards to camp, it was the first week of the summer. I was excited to work for SpringHill for four weeks during the summer of 2013 and couldn’t wait to get started. (To read about how I fell in love with camp, feel free to click here.)

I was super excited to be co-counselors with Hannah, a staff member that I met at training. We hit it off well in Seymour and I was excited to get to know her better by struggling – with the potential of thriving – through our first week together. We were both nervous but excited for the week, ready to start, and not 100% sure what to expect.

On Monday, Hannah and I divided up our team into two groups to determine which of the campers would be in each of our small groups.

The week progressed and, though it was exhausting, was super fun. Hannah and I worked well together, as we expected, and soon the week was coming to a close.

It was during one of my small groups near the end of the week that I specifically can recall, even now almost two years later. We were sitting at the top of the big hill by the barn at Northview Church.

I remember opening my Bible just like I had done all the other small groups and prepared in front of me my booklet containing that day’s curriculum.

Near the end of the lesson, our conversation turned to talking about the Bible. It is amazing how truth is true no matter what age you are. The Bible is God’s word and is true, not only to me, but also to the little campers that were in my small group.

My Bible has the words “Holy Bible” written on it. One of my campers politely interrupted me and asked where I got my “Holy Bible” from, and where she could get one herself.

Now Little Lori was the smallest camper in my small group and probably on our team as well. She wore cute glasses and was a bundle of joy to be around. Her personality definitely did not match her petite size.

I told her several places where one could get a Bible. Then I remembered that SpringHill has Bibles for us as counselors to give to campers who don’t have one and don’t have access to a Bible at home, either.

Later on in the week, I was able to grab a Bible from the camp office and give it to Lori on SpringHill’s behalf. It was a very touching moment as I was able to pull Lori over to the side of our classroom one afternoon. The rest of the campers were going crazy in our room and yet the chaos melted away as I got to experience a serene moment with Lauren. I presented the Bible to her and immediately saw her eyes light up and her entire body smile with joy in surprise and gratitude.

It was such a sweet moment. A book that I had been available to me my entire life was finding a little girl’s eager hands for the first time; I was able to give a Bible to someone who desired to own her own copy.

It was a beautiful moment and I was so grateful that I could be a part of it.

I explained to her a great place to start reading – the beginning of the New Testament. In that moment, I was so glad that Hannah and I were privileged to have Little Lori on our team for the week.

Camp is all about moments like these. Whether it be planting seeds, watering seeds, or simply watching them and encouraging them to grow, camp is about life change. SpringHill provided me the opportunity and resources to make an impact in a little girl’s life. I don’t know where Little Lori is these days, or what she is up to, but I do know that she has the Word of God – truth – in her possession. Not because of anything I did, but because the Lord opened a door for me to impact her for His kingdom.



For privacy reasons, the names of the campers have been changed.

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